Hosted Phone Systems for Small Business in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and More

Hosted Phone Systems from QCCUSA

If you’re thinking of upgrading to hosted phone systems but are unsure about the specifics or performance, let us take a few moments to clear up some misconceptions about hosted telephone systems:

Internet based phone calls are just as high definition as many landlines, and in fact, are often more clear than other phone services. Phone equipment designed for business is more robust than any consumer products. Using your cell phones as a cheaper alternative to hosted phone systems gives your business the impression of being a small-time operation. Hosted phone systems can link calls to personal mobile phones and remote office locations.

It’s also important to consider that if your power goes out, you won’t lose your phone service. Because the hosted phone system is located in the cloud, problems in your local area are avoided and often, callers won’t even know you’re having difficulties onsite.

Hosted phone systems are cheaper, more flexible, and more robust than traditional phone systems. If you wait for a problem with your existing system to occur, it may be too late. Falling behind the current technology is not an option when you’re trying to grow your business. Hosted phone systems keep you ahead of the competition.

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