The Many Savings From Switching to VoIP

VoIP benefits

Experts predict that within the next 10 years, all communications will be IP-based. With this in mind, investing in VoIP is a practical route to take for any business that wants to incorporate new, flexible technologies into their long-term plans.

The benefits of making the switch to VoIP are many. Saving money is easy with VoIP technology. Because communication runs through the internet, you can avoid long-distance charges. Remote workers can also work freely without additional fees.

Because of the unique way in which VoIP is designed, it presents an upgrade over previous communication technologies. All calls through the VoIP server are placed directly between the two users, eliminating congestion for the server. This also allows calls to one location to be transferred seamlessly to another for a remote employee, someone visiting another business, or simply transferring a call.

Money is also saved on the infrastructure. With only one set of lines and one network to manage, maintenance costs and monthly charges are reduced significantly. Because the network can be run from one central location, the system can be modified from any location if necessity demands.

With the flexibility for growth and the significant savings VoIP presents, it’s no wonder so many businesses are choosing to switch to the new technology. Is making the transition right for your business? Contact QCCUSA to learn more about how VoIP technology can save your business money today.

Eliminate Limitations with QCC’s VoIP Technology

If you’re operating on twentieth century infrastructure, it’s time to upgrade. Even if your communications systems were installed in the last decade, the rapid rise of more robust and flexible telecom solutions has made copper analog and digital lines obsolete.

QCC’s VoIP technology brings your business into the future of telecommunications today. Voice over Internet Protocol technology transmits voice communications over your data network. Signals can be transmitted anywhere your network allows, regardless of the physical distance between employees. This allows your business to operate under one unifying communications backbone, even if your workforce is spread throughout the world.

For growing businesses, VoIP allows you to expand without continually updating and replacing expensive infrastructure. As you grow, your VoIP grows with you, saving you money, time, and effort.

With Session Initiated Protocol, or SIP, you can maintain phone numbers as your business expands, without expensive routing fees that carriers typically charge. By eliminating these fees, you can maximize your business costs.

Contact our experts today to learn how VoIP services can help your business thrive with cutting edge communication. If you’re searching for VoIP solutions in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding areas, contact us today at 410-517-5000 or 888-888-4113.

Simplify Your Communications With QCC Carrier Services

Carrier Services from QCCWhen you’re focusing all of your energies on your business, it can be difficult to manage all the local, long distance, and internet services your business requires. Having separate service providers means you need to keep track of a number of rates and conditions every month just to understand your billing.

QCC offers carrier services that help you untangle the web of telecommunications. This is the language we speak natively and we will intercede on your behalf. End the frustration as our experts assist you in auditing their carrier expenses and engineer individualized, cost-efficient solutions for your business.

What is the point of having a high performance telecom system if you’re continually zapped with outrageous monthly fees? We read the fine print for you and help you reduce your costs, or simply evaluate your current service. If you’re moving to a new location, our representatives will coordinate with your carriers to monitor every step of the process; helping you make an easy transition.

We review and evaluate your existing providers and make recommendations on how to improve your communication services. We maintain strong relationship and offer savings through providers like Verizon, Comcast/XFinity, Time Warner, Netcarrier, MetTel, and many more.

Learn more about our carrier services throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. today at Contact us today for a free bill audit!

Hosted Phone Systems for Small Business in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and More

Hosted Phone Systems from QCCUSA

If you’re thinking of upgrading to hosted phone systems but are unsure about the specifics or performance, let us take a few moments to clear up some misconceptions about hosted telephone systems:

Internet based phone calls are just as high definition as many landlines, and in fact, are often more clear than other phone services. Phone equipment designed for business is more robust than any consumer products. Using your cell phones as a cheaper alternative to hosted phone systems gives your business the impression of being a small-time operation. Hosted phone systems can link calls to personal mobile phones and remote office locations.

It’s also important to consider that if your power goes out, you won’t lose your phone service. Because the hosted phone system is located in the cloud, problems in your local area are avoided and often, callers won’t even know you’re having difficulties onsite.

Hosted phone systems are cheaper, more flexible, and more robust than traditional phone systems. If you wait for a problem with your existing system to occur, it may be too late. Falling behind the current technology is not an option when you’re trying to grow your business. Hosted phone systems keep you ahead of the competition.

Order your hosted phone systems for Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, and more at

Investing in a Cloud-Based Phone System for Fast Growing Businesses

Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Fast Growing Businesses from QCCUSA.comIf your business is growing, it’s time to invest in a system that can grow with you. A cloud-based phone system offers many benefits that fast-growing businesses will find irresistible.

In today’s competitive marketplace, presentation is a key factor. When customers place a call into your cloud-based phone system, an automatic receptionist will provide them with a list of employee extensions – in the same way that large commercial brands handle their call volume.

Phone systems based in the cloud eliminate the need for installing costly physical phone units. With high quality voice systems that you can access from any location, you can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your business. Less infrastructure onsite means that your cloud-based phone system will expand and grow to fit your company’s needs.

A cloud-based phone system also operates at a flat rate, so you can plan your budget with accuracy regardless of how much call time your business uses each month. Cloud-based phones are becoming more popular because they serve the needs of 21st century business. Upgrade your company’s phone systems today with business telephone solutions from today.

Cloud Based Phone System vs. Traditional Business Telephone Solutions

QCC Business Telephone Solutions and Cloud Based Telephone SystemsTraditional business telephone solutions retain their popularity because they’re both familiar and reliable. Recent technological advances have produced new ways of communicating that aid businesses needing 21st century speed and sensibilities. Voice over IP and cloud based phone system technology allows businesses to connect to their customers in ways they could not have done as efficiently several years ago.

Purchasing hard-wired telephone systems is more affordable than a digital system, and traditional systems are still widely used for simple interactions between customers and employees. Very small businesses can continue to use traditional phone systems effectively and without hindrance to their objectives.

But fast-growing companies and businesses based on communication are migrating to more robust cloud based telephone systems. With greater flexibility to grow and less infrastructure on-site, telephony from the cloud is becoming more common and more affordable.

Your business, industry, and future plans will largely determine what will be the better communication system for you. Whatever you choose, QCC has the telephone options to make your business work better, faster, and more reliably. Offering the best telephony systems in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we are ready to install the communication system you need.

Choose QCC for your Maryland business telephone solutions and beyond. Experience our new cloud based phone system options and more today at

Why you Should Consider Maryland VoIP from QCC



If you’re business is looking for a reliable way to transmit phone calls over a data network
without using outdated telephone technology, consider choosing VoIP. VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over IP.  VoIP can help push your business ahead of the limitations found in traditional telephones. When it comes to Maryland business telephone systems, QCC can make communication more efficient and convenient by installing a reliable VoIP system. VoIP uses standard internet protocol to transmit voice communications over your existing data network. Gone are the days of analog telephone systems and annoying interruptions from standard telephone limitations. VoIP is quickly become an industry standard, and many businesses are switching their business telephone systems to a voIP system. Why should your business consider Maryland VoIP from QCC?

  • Voice over IP provides major substantial cost reduction for service providers and businesses.
  • With VoIP, your telephone access travels with you as long as an Internet connection is readily available. If you often travel for work, connecting to your VoIP network will save expensive costs to your personal cell-phone bill.
  • VoIP enhances productivity for businesses by offering a reliable line of communication.
  • VoIP telephony offers features that are not typically included with traditional phone providers.
  • VoIP gives your business the option to integrate you’re entire business onto one line by offering extensions for different members on your staff.

When it comes to finding the best Maryland business telephone systems that supply Maryland VoIP service, consider QCC. We supply exceptional and reliable VoIP and business telephone systems to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington and Virginia. When you want quality, reliability and modern technology to help your business thrive, choose

QCC and AVAYA: Helping Businesses Thrive Through Unified Communications


When it comes to keeping current with emerging technologies and ideas, Avaya are the leaders! If you’re looking for the best Maryland Avaya, Virginia Avaya, Washington Avaya or Pennsylvania Avaya suppliers, choose QCC. When it comes to unified communications in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington and Virginia areas, QCC stands apart from the rest. QCC consistently offers top-notch customer service while helping maximize productivity, and eliminating costs while operating on-the-go. Our unified communications are guaranteed to please, and Avaya helps us succeed in providing the best technology to our customers.  Here are a few reasons why Avaya are considered leaders in unified communication and why we’re proud to partner with them:

  • Avaya phone systems make you more productive. Avaya ensures that your network is always up and running, so that business never has to be halted do to a system failure. Avaya always keeps you connected.
  • Avaya systems can make you mobile. If you travel for work, you’ll always be connected to the office.
  • Avaya provides a top-notch call center for amazing customer service.
  • Avaya creates a converge network, using only one cable. There’s no need for a separate phone and T1 line for internet access.
  • Avaya is scaled to fit your needs. Get all the bells and whistles of a larger system, but be able to adjust it to your liking.

With Avaya, the possibilities are endless. Our partnership with Avaya helps us provide the most excellent Maryland Avaya, Virginia Avaya, Washington Avaya and Pennsylvania Avaya technologies imaginable.  If your business is looking to further please customers, enhance efficiency or get maximum flexibility, Avaya technologies from QCC can help your business prosper and bloom.