Surveillance Cameras

Maintain Vigilance in Real Time

At QCC, your safety is our priority. We want your businesses to be secure, which is why we provide various surveillance cameras for your protection. With our CCTVs, you can rest easy, knowing your business is perfectly safe.

Simply having security patrolling your business or work area is not enough. During busy and silent hours, it is still better to have a backup method of watching over your business. Our CCTV cameras are perfect for the job!

With a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system from QCC, you can personally monitor the safety and security of your business. We offer both conventional coaxial and IP camera systems. All our cameras have the ability to integrate into your network and allow access via the Internet or through smart phones.

Our cameras offer live-streaming. This means you can view your site in real time, at any time. To maximize security and surveillance effectiveness, our cameras also feature motion-activation and DVR recording.

We have numerous CCTV options which include:

  • Conventional/coax cameras
  • IP cameras
  • Live-streaming
  • Motion activation
  • DVR recording
  • Mobile application controls
  • Web-based user interface

Let us help in watching over your business. Call us at 410.517.5000 or 888.888.4113 to learn more about our business surveillance cameras! You can also browse our website’s gallery for the models we carry.