Video Conferencing

Seeing Is Believing.

There are times when travel prohibits a meeting and a phone call just isn’t effective enough. For both those times, Video Conferencing answers the call, providing real-time face-to-face communication that is both effective and cost efficient.

Video Conferencing provides both parties with access to documents, presentations, diagrams and program files at hand while communicating effectively. In fact, studies have shown that with available Video Conferencing people talk to each other more often and share information more frequently. This results in better decisions, with more people involved in the process and a better understanding of it, based on real time visual and audio collaboration.

QCC stands ready to design and install for your business a complete Video Conferencing system. We have access to the very best resources and have a team assembled to evaluate your needs and respond with a fixed or mobile system. We even train your team how to maximize video conferencing- saving you time, travel and expense.

See how a QCC Video Conferencing system can be the perfect compliment to your business. Click here to see a short presentation showing how quick and easily a Video Conferencing system can be integrated into your complete communications program.

QCC offers Video Conferencing for:

  • Large conference rooms
  • Medium workspace rooms
  • Desktop for virtual workspaces
  • Packaged solutions and accessories