Hosted PBX Business Telephone Systems VS. On-Premise PBX Business Telephone Systems: Choosing the Best Option for Your Maryland Business

If you’re considering moving away from your existing business telephone system, there are many options to take into consideration.  A PBX phone system shares a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. This telephony system connects internal telephones within a business, while also connecting them to a public switched telephone network. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and allows your business to communicate with the utmost privacy.  When deciding on a PBX system it’s important to consider a few aspects to ensure you’re making the proper choice.  It’s crucial to keep the future in mind when choosing a PBX system, as one option may provide more growth potential than the other. Both hosted PBX systems and On-premises PBX systems have many benefits, which we will list below:

Hosted PBX business telephone systems:

  • A hosted IP-PBX business telephone system has a very low setup cost. QCC can set up your Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Washington DC business with a state of the art hosted PBX business system that will ensure your business is communicating to its highest potential.
  • A hosted PBX system requires no maintenance costs.
  • Hosted PBX business telephone systems are able to grow with your business.
  • A hosted PBX system has a plethora of amazing features to help your Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Virginia business communication more efficiently.
  • A hosted PBX business telephone system is affordable, quick, and easy to implement.

On-Premise PBX business telephone systems:

  • On-premise PBX phone systems have an affordable set-up costs, as well as low ongoing costs.
  • On-premise PBX phone systems give your business complete control over your business telephone system.
  • With an on-premise PBX phone system, you can create a business telephone system that will allow your Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Washington DC to communicate the way it needs to.
  • On-premise systems have the ability to grow with your business.
  • On-premise PBX systems have a large range of features and options, to ensure you’re getting what you need to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Whether your Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, or Pennsylvania business is on the smaller or larger side, a PBX business telephone system is important for your communication needs. When choosing between an on-premise or hosted PBX phone system, it’s important to weigh out each benefit and speak with one of our business telephone system specialists. When it comes to PBX business telephone systems, make QCC your first choice. At QCC, we understand the importance of communication for your business.