Onsite Private Branch Exchange vs. Hosted PBX

QCC Hosted PBX vs. Onsite PBXWhen you’re looking to save costs on business telephone solutions, one of the first options is to implement a private branch exchange or PBX. This reduces the number of phone lines necessary for the entire office, while still allowing each phone user to make local calls across the system.

The question is whether a business owner should choose an onsite phone system or a hosted PBX. What is the best PBX solution for your business? These tips will help you decide:
Install: Hosted PBX comes with a smaller price tag and is much less dependent on you, but installing your own system (or watching it installed by professionals) does have its advantages. You’ll know much more about what your system can do if you have a better knowledge of it yourself, but you’ll also likely have to wait longer for an operational PBX and it will cost you more initially.

Expansion: While both PBX options leave room for growth, onsite PBX gives you much more control over your system. Hosted PBX systems give your service provider all the work, but you also give up control and the ability to make quick changes.

Cost: A hosted PBX solution will cost less initially, but the service provider costs over time may make on-site PBX options better for some businesses. Hosted systems also have no maintenance costs to consider, but though an onsite PBX may be more expensive up front, your fees will never increase.

It’s important to remember that each business has its own needs and PBX requirements. If you’d like to discuss your business telephone solutions with the experts, contact QCCUSA.com today.

Hosted Cloud Phone Systems from QCC

QCC Hosted Cloud Phone SystemsAs a small business owner, competing with large corporations can be difficult. They have enormous staffs, state-of-the-art communication systems, and an image that makes them trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. Now you can make your small business compete on all three of those levels with Hosted Cloud Phone Systems from QCC.
When callers contact your business , they’ll hear an automatic receptionist place their call through a company directory of extensions – just like when they call a big brand-name corporation. Because these systems can be tailored to ring in different locations or on separate office or mobile phones, you’ll never miss a customer call again.
With hosted cloud phone systems, you don’t have to install an expensive physical phone system onsite. You can take advantage of high quality voice systems that can be accessed from anywhere. Because the calls are handled through the cloud, you’ll watch your price for phone services drop sharply—while doing more for your business. And because operating costs are lower, you can enjoy the benefits of having one low, flat rate for your phone services, regardless of how much you use the cloud-based phone systems.
Upgrade your business to operate in the fast-paced world of 21st century telecommunications with hosted cloud phone systems from QCCUSA.com. Contact us today for more details on how you can improve your communication systems today.

CCTV from QCC Security Systems Keep an Eye on Your Business

CCTV From QCC Security SystemsBusiness is not only about communication—it’s about safety. Protecting your employees, your property, and your investments is crucial to long-term stability and growth. With closed circuit television (CCTV) from our Security Systems, you can personally keep a close eye on your business in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. With a host of personalized features, QCC puts security into your hands.

We offer CCTV surveillance systems using both coaxial and IP camera systems that can be integrated directly into your network, which allows you to live-stream your security feed from your computer or smart phone. That means wherever you travel, you can access your live security stream at any time you wish. With mobile application controls and a web-based user interface, you will be involved in the safety of your business wherever you are.

Our CCTV cameras can be equipped with motion activation and DVR recording so you can monitor the activity at your business when security guards are not working (or in a different area of the building). If you’re based in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C., QCC security systems with CCTV are the perfect solution to your safety concerns. Rest easier knowing your business is under a watchful eye, with CCTV systems from QCC.

QCC Offers Maryland Cabling Solutions

Maryland Cabling Services from QCCCommunication is vital in the business world. Every second matters and every missed or interrupted conversation is detrimental to your bottom line. QCC is dedicated to not only providing the services you need to make your voice and data networks run smoothly, but also supplying the infrastructure cabling required to keep your business operating at maximum efficiency. Our Maryland cabling services enable our experts to evaluate and assess your business to find the solutions for your personal cabling needs.

QCC is equipped to handle many of the major cable varieties including: Category 5, 5e, 6, 6a, and 7; Plenum and PVC, Coaxial, and Single as well as Multi-Mode Fiber optics. We are ready to install outside plant cabling and to implement our trenching and coring services to put your cables where you need them. Our installations are also available 24/7 so we can work when you and your employees aren’t! QCC service technicians will check every one of your workstations to ensure your networks are configured and ready for use.

Our Maryland cabling services are available in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia too! Don’t get tangled up in infrastructure cabling—let QCC handle the design and installation of your cabling and wiring networks today.

Fire Systems from QCC Security

Few things have been more frightening in human history than fire.  In minutes, a fire can eliminate decades of work and cause millions of dollars in damages.  With QCC Fire Systems, your office will be prepared for and protected from the ravages of fire and your investments, time, and personnel will be secure.

QCC will install smoke/heat and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as pull stations for employees. Technicians will also install siren and strobe units and sprinkler systems to help alert emergency officials and assist your workforce out of the office.  But your hardware installation is just the beginning. Active monitoring services ensure your business is protected around the clock.

You know the significant investment and years of hard work it took to get your business to where it stands today. You are also responsible for the immeasurable value of the human lives under your charge in the work environment.  Although equipment can be replaced, it can cost you time and money to recover from such an event. Fires can disrupt schedules and timetables upon which your clients depend.  They can also cause significant distractions by damaging necessary networks and equipment.

With QCC managing your fire safety, you can be confident that your business is prepared to combat a fire before one ever starts.

Business Telephone Systems Keep You In Touch With Success!

It’s no secret that the telephone is the most popular and easiest ways to communicate in this day and age. Business telephone systems are essential in your business regardless of whether you own a large corporation or a small organization. QCCUSA.com is the leader in providing Maryland business telephone systems to small and large organizations throughout the state. Our services don’t only stop in Maryland; we also supply Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia with top of the line business telephone systems to help their business’ thrive.

Having a dependable business telephone system is crucial in a business to operate smoothly. In fact, business telephone systems act as almost a backbone of every business, large or small. An effective business telephone system encourages and enhances proper communication among the staff of a company as well as clients and suppliers. Business telephone systems help the overall performance of your employees and business. Why should you get a proper business telephone system?

1. Business telephone systems provide better customer support.
2. Business telephone systems are more affordable than keeping multiple phone lines.
3. Business telephone systems increase your level of communication in the office and out.
4. Business telephone systems enhance the capabilities of your business.
5. Business telephone systems make our life easier as they provide multiple functions to help your business run smoothly.

Why Does Your Business Need VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol Systems)?

A business voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system is not only limited to voice communications. Our company has made several efforts to make communication systems better by including voice, video, and data conferencing. Many think that VoIP has limited functions, but what you might not know is that the system includes useful real-time text communication and video telephony.

So why is it important to set up a VoIP system for your business? The answer is simple; the system has made significant changes over many decades to improve communication lines. Aside from the telephones used today for real-time communication, we now have the capability to use IP-based phones and desktop to wireless settings. These systems also offer a convenient videophone experience that allows you not only to hear users on the other end, but see them as well.

Among the many aspects offered by VoIP systems, its capacity to integrate videophones and stand-alone telephones linked to your personal computer at home stands out as one of its best features. With these systems, you can simply use your computer or laptop entirely for video and voice communications. You can use either the telephone for voice or computer for video. Aside from these, you can integrate several settings according to the kind of communication you want to use.

The amazing thing about VoIP systems is its ability to use a single high-speed internet connection for all video, voice, and data communications at the same time. This idea is known as convergence and is the primary reason why many corporate companies purchase and make use of this technology. The main benefit of convergence is the reduction of costs through the use of a single data network that handles all your communication systems at the same time. To summarize things, VoIP provides you more ways and better communication options for improved communications. This is true for business transactions and many other purposes wherever you are in the world.

Learn more about the different systems we offer by browsing through the rest of our website. Let our team of professionals connect your business with the progress and development it deserves.

Top Benefits of Using Business Surveillance Cameras

With the number of robberies and thefts ever increasing, it is necessary for business owners to keep their premises secure. Fortunately, cutting edge security and closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions make protecting one’s investment simple and easy.

Theft Prevention

Modern businesses require a technological infrastructure comprised of expensive servers, workstations, and PBX hardware to remain competitive. The theft of any equipment not only impacts performance, but puts the company at a significant financial loss. While traditional intrusion systems offer a degree of protection, CCTV solutions allow business owners and administrators to monitor their site in real time.

Savings on Security

Though CCTV solutions have been in use for decades, new systems are streets ahead of their forebears in terms of effectiveness and affordability. Many cameras capture high-resolution images to allow user to easily identify trespassers, and may even include full motion control. Consequently, a CCTV solution may be engineered to fit any budget, as camera type and DVR memory requirements may be dictated by need as well as resources.

Solid Support for Claims

By combining high-resolution imaging with sound recording capabilities, businesses can capture complete records of all that transpires within their facility. The capacity of DVR’s may be customized to meet the specific needs of any company, and may be kept as necessary in the event of any unforeseen incident.

This is but a brief overview of the benefits that camera and CCTV systems can provide for your business. QCC representatives are specially trained to engineer a solution to fit your company’s specific need, all while meeting your budget. Please be sure to visit our Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and CCTV for more details regarding the security solutions offered by QCC.