DMP Z-wave remote access controls

Since its inception in 1975, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has been a leading manufacturer of security solutions, from access control and intrusion detection to fire systems. The company prides itself on its innovative technical team, which has allowed them to remain on the cutting edge of the security industry.

DMP’s most recent developments have been in the integration of personal mobile devices with alarm systems, in an effort to make the management of their systems as convenient and effortless as possible. The Virtual Keypad App, available for iPhone, Android, and iPad, brings security directly to the user’s fingertips, as all of the capabilities of a physical keypad are translated to the screen of a smartphone. This may also be used in conjunction with the DMPMyAccess platform, through which text message commands can be sent directly to the panel.

The DMP Z-wave solution advances this concept a step further, giving DMP users remote access to far more than just their alarm panel. Z-wave Keyless Door Locks allow doors to be locked and unlocked remotely, and may be configured to lock automatically when the intrusion system arms. Thermostat control modules provide full control of environmental settings, and may be configured with automatic, daily cycles for greater energy efficiency. Control units for electrical outlets provide full remote control over any lights and appliances plugged into them, and are even compatible with dimmer settings.

Z-wave devices are simple to install, and can be added at any point, so current DMP users can modernize their capabilities and expand their systems freely without expensive hardware upgrades.